Frontiers Management Consulting
Unternehmensberatungsgesellschaft mbH

Scheffelstraße 11,
D-60318 Frankfurt am Main

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We are always looking for interns, graduate applicants and freelance students who relish an opportunity. We view students not as ‘convenient workhorses’, but as potential future colleagues. In essence: we are hoping that we can prove to you that we are an attractive employer. In return however, we expect that you understand the internship or work experience as a real opportunity for you.

The ideal profile: Please show in your application that you are on your way to excellence. A very good school diploma, undergraduate degree or intermediate examination at a prestigious university will be helpful. Your studies should have focused on the subjects of marketing/sales, banking/finance or statistics/operations research. You should also have completed initial internships, ideally within our target industries. The internship with us should last at least 2 months.

Surprise us with your application.

Ideally, the internship concludes in the final phase of your study with the determination of a thesis topic. This should combine theoretical approaches with the challenges of business practice.

Graduate work in collaboration with Frontiers Management Consulting should meet the following criteria:

  • Clear link to the financial services industry
  • Thematic focus: strategy, sales, customer relationship management
  • Combining theory and practice through an empirical survey
  • Duration: 2-6 months

As a working student on the other hand, you will be helping us approximately 80 hours per month.

Do you have a first idea for your thesis topic? Would you like to do an internship with us? Please get in touch. We will be delighted to support you!