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Cost-/Process Management

The financial services industry is quickly catching up with other sectors’ experience of industry consolidation. Topping the management agenda are issues such as: slender company structures, efficient processes, and optimised controlling. It's about improving efficiency and revenue potential by process optimisation and strict cost management.

Our credo: Optimisation of business processes and cost management is a classic area of consulting and always based on industry experience. However, when dealing with cost reduction projects, rapid, consistent and uncompromising leadership is required. The skill lies in balancing internal optimisation measures with the legitimate requirements of the customer. We call this market-driven process and cost management.

Our particular expertise lies in the identification of potential cost savings and efficiency reserves in customer- and sales-related areas. We use workshops and conduct focus groups with employees and managers. In our opinion, efficiency and effectiveness are equally important criteria. As important is the strategic dimension. Ask yourself: Do the defined processes reinforce your long-term competitive advantage? Is it difficult for competitors to imitate your processes? Are these processes customer-focused? Are long-term effective, sustainable cost reduction programmes initiated?

Our expertise: We identify alternatives for cost savings. We prioritize realistic saving opportunities along the company’s value chain.
We implement tools for sustainable cost management. We analyse and review all customer and sales-related processes with a focus on productivity reserves. We define processes and create new information channels and processes from a cost-oriented controller’s point of view, keeping in mind the interests of the customer.

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