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Customer Relationship Management

Your company has a superior competitive strategy and a professional sales organisation? Excellent. However, market success will ultimately be determined by the customer.

Our credo: True customer orientation. We aim for sustainable market success through proactive and systematic management of customer relations by concentrating on customer needs and satisfaction, guided by the consistent principle of profit orientation.

We support our clients holistically in their transition to a truly customer focused company. We analyse the structure of customer portfolios while using value-based approaches to customer segmentation. We develop concepts for segment-specific customer care. We examine the earnings potential of cross-selling strategies. We search for intelligent approaches to customer retention. We deal with all facets of professional customer service management. We identify efficiency reserves in customer relationship management. We review and improve all customer-focused processes. We implement customer relationship management solutions.

Based on years of project experience, we have developed industry-specific process models for our core sectors Asset Management, Private Banking, Family Office, Leasing and Real Estate.

True customer orientation must be lived. Whether by giving keynote lectures, holding workshops or conducting individual coaching sessions, we raise awareness, motivate and improve staff skills for genuine customer orientation.

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